Peace. I have been WAITING to do a blog on Mouse. I think he is one of the most prolific and amazing lyricists to ever blow his breath on a microphone. He is so emotional (not in a feminine way either). He talks to us through his music. He isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and admit his shortcomings. He is honest when it comes to talk about everything from money, women, relationships, drugs, addiction, his musical style and everything in between. Now when his debut album dropped in 2003 the first single was “Pump It Up”. People listened to the catchy beat and the sing-song hook. They didn’t really listen to the lyrics. For instance:

Hold up she want work that twerk that
Then again let me hurt that murk that
Til you gotta hurt back
Can’t spit it out, boo you gotta slurp that
Can’t cuddle after we done, it wasn’t worth that
Joey I’m responsible for bringin Jersey back (And we bad huh)
She at the bar stylin’ she throwing it up
She drink a little hypno, throwing it up
But I’m only dealing with freaks that wanna cut
Ma if you agree I want nut
Camcorder, get it played late night on BET Uncut (uhh)”

I’m sure most people have no idea the song is so sexual. This single was NOT a good representation for what Joe Budden is all about. In order to get a good introductory feel for Joey you gotta listen to 10Mins., Focus, and all the other tracks on this album.I was hooked from the moment I heard his first album. I didn’t need to hear the mixtapes. But of course, I did.Mood Muzik? Sick. That shit is crack. All three of them. My current favorite though, is Mood Muzik 3. I can relate to a lot of the tracks on there simply because I’m a little older now and I have experienced more. ‘Secrets’ is a song that I think the world should hear because it’s just so real! We as an urban culture don’t discuss being safe enough. And all the talking that we do about it doesn’t come with enough action afterwards.

Anyway. Joe’s highly anticipated new album ‘Padded Room’ will be crack. I already know. Halfway House is in serious rotation already.’Sidetracked’ is like the story of my fuckin life. And on another note. Have you ever paid attention to his samples? They’re almost always from a rock song of some sort. I can’t love that anymore if I tried.

Just Listen. ~Soul


~ by Darling Niki on December 17, 2008.

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