Milwaukee Hip-Hop – Part One

Wait. Milwaukee, WI has a hip-hop scene? They have Black people? C’mon people you KNEW it had to happen.

Milwaukee does, in fact, have black people AND hip hop. But not all the artist are black. Some of them are white. Most of them are wack…but the ones I pay attention to are not.

Today I need to put you on to Prophetic. Proph is not only a rapper, he is an artist. There’s a difference between the two. I’m not the only one who thinks so. He is truthful when he spits. His vocabulary is insatiable, every track just gets smarter.When I attended the album release for Mo Profit Mo Progress I had never viewed Prophetic in the flesh. I had heard him on a Royal Fam mixtape prior and I wasn’t diggin him that much. Watching him shed verbal tears on the mic was enlightening and I am genuinely impressed with what I saw. His connection with the audience is impressive for someone that’s not signed to a major label. His album has become a serious staple in my daily rotation simply because he is an honest rapper. I don’t see him rappin about a bunch of mess that he knows absolutely nothing about. Rappers are supposed to tell a story and not become one. I love what I hear when he opens his mouth and he’s uber-intelligent to boot. The beats are sick. The lyrics are hypnotic. The vibe is irresistible. I can’t wait to hear more from him and the rest of Royal Fam.

Take his song ‘Entrepreneur” for instance. It’s gritty hood shit but he keeps it so dignified. He gives those who don’t know the hood a chance to experience it for a few minutes. After all, you don’t gotta be from the hood to embrace to it.

Just Listen. ~ Soul


~ by Darling Niki on December 21, 2008.

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