Milwaukee Hip-Hop: Part Two

So I talk about UMG (Umbrella Music Group) quite often. Mostly because I think they are becoming a benchmark in Milwaukee’s hip hop scene. They are all so different but aren’t the best without each other. They’re like our Roc-a-Fella, our Dynasty. Previously I introduced you to Prophetic. Today I’m talkin about Yo Dot. He’s street. He’s hood. He’s gritty. He’s dirty (not literally). He is the epitome of what America sees in a “Nigga”. You know that type. They started off all wrong. Getting into trouble. Not taking care of business by “The Mans” standards. Having children at a young age. You know the story. Well a while back, Yo ran into some problems with his son’s mother and ended up doin a bid. He’ll be released from probation in 2010. In the meantime, he’s went back to school so he won’t be labeled a college dropout. And making music and raising his son are his top priorites.

His style is unlike any other I’ve ever heard. Take Joe Budden, Jay-Z, and Stack Bundles. Now fuse them together into one body. Physically that may not be too appealing. Lyrically. It’s sick. His flow is smooth yet gritty. He’s got a Jigga swagger with the honesty of Budden and the grit of Bundles. It’s ridiculous. You can check out his music (along with the rest of UMG) here. Yo Dot has been rappin for quite a long time and it’s his goal to make it. I asked Yo Dot,”Why do you rap?”

This is what he told me:

“I rap because:

1. To provide financial stability 4 my son & my families generations to come.

2. To provide an vocal outlet to the misguided youth who seem to think that indulging in negative activities is necessary when living amongst poverty & unfortunate surroundings.

3. To be a prominent figure that Milwaukee’s younger generation hasn’t had since forever…… Most African American celebrities who originated from the city never seem to reach back to the youth on a consistent basics to ensure hope for the future for the youth in the community.

4. B/c I would like to share with the world my story about the trials & tribulations & mistakes I’ve been through in life…. & for people all over the world who relate to my struggle can identify with their personal problems & issues & use my music hopefully to solve or bring a resolution to the obstacles that make their day 2 day lives difficult.”

And look at that, he has good grammar and spelling skills. I’m so proud.

Just Listen. ~Soul


~ by Darling Niki on January 25, 2009.

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