Milwaukee Hip-Hop: Part Three


So, there is ALWAYS a negative. Always a don’t, a can’t, a shouldn’t or some other negative term of not being able. Although I like him as a person, Young Nova and his “A-Team” are getting some rants from me. I’m normally raving about hometown talent. I feel they deserve it. Nova and his buddies are not on that list. Sorry boys. His newest single, “The Man In My Town”, is nothing more than a local Shawty Lo track. Here is my break down on it.

The flow is sing-songy.

  • You are not from the islands.
  • You are not Shawty Lo, D4L, or Nelly.
  • This is not a “song for da ladies”.

The beat is simple.

  • Anyone with garageband on a Mac can throw this together in less than an hour.
  • I don’t see much effort in the bass line or the melody.

The lyrics:

  • Simple with not much use of colorful vocabulary.
  • The song doesn’t really tell me why you should be “the man in your town”.

Now. I tried to be as objective as possible. I even let several people who’ve NEVER heard of Young Nova or A-Team hear it. And I was right. The song sucks. It lacks creativity. Originality. Cleverness. Wit. And intelligent use of metaphors or punchlines. I’m all for respecting someone gettin right to the point but damn…can I get a little teaser? And I’m sure the song is dumbed down for one of two reasons. They’re either not that smart, the target audience isn’t that smart….or both.

Listen to “Man In My Town” here.

Honestly….I think they should try again. Give people something new. Stand out.

Just Listen. ~ Soul


~ by Darling Niki on January 28, 2009.

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