Milwaukee Hip-Hop: Part Three.5ive (The Explanation)


Guess what? For those of you who have yet to figure it out. I. AM. A. WOMAN. Tah-dah! Surprise, surprise. Yes, you know me from Bitchin For The Masses, The INS,, Mochacity, etc etc…..


Now the last time I wrote a blog about Milwaukee Hip-Hop it caused a few feathers to ruffle. Personally, I found it hilarious as hell. My very first entry in this particular blog states that anything you read here is most likely my opinion (unless otherwise stated of course). I don’t do plagiarism. If I didn’t write then I’ll cite it.

To all the rappers/artists/lyricists/wordsmiths/performers/-insert whatever the fuck you like to be referred to as here- when I state something about your music I don’t mean it to make you cry or to hurt your feelings. If the beats, lyrics, etc are wack to ME I will say so. I’m not saying you don’t have followers or fans, I’m simply saying I don’t dig it. The only negative blog I’ve written thusfar is Young Nova and A-Team. If you are in a group or are identified by an entire group then own that shit. Don’t whine to the masses when one member ain’t good enough. Kick him out, fix him, or…..shut the fuck up. Shutting the fuck up is always an option but it’s also the road less traveled for those that should commute on it regularly.

This is the main reason I stay objective and sit in the corner during shows. I don’t want how I feel about you as a person to interfere with how I feel about your music. If I did that then I would say A-Team is great. In my honest opinion any group that runs around screaming their name with an obscenity attached to the end of it is obviously wack as fuck. Every now and then, fine go ahead. But as a staple? Unoriginal, unprofessional, uncreative, unattractive and a myriad of other un’s.

If you attend shows or perform in them then you’d know that one purpose for that is to gain an extended fan base outside of your neighborhood and off your block. When they give you a negative review…yo don’t bash them and boast about the 35 fans you have from the projects where you grew up. You do better, work harder, to gain that fan. You might be rappin for your future, but your future depends on your fans. If you only had 35 – you aint’ gettin a car, house, or a chain. Keep that shit in mind the mext time I pull your card.

Just Listen. ~ Soul


~ by Darling Niki on February 6, 2009.

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