Milwaukee Hip-Hop: Part Four


Raze is a nasty ass nigga. His music is the epitome of (using one of his favorite terms) debauchery. His new mixtape, lust love HATE, is something to be proud of. The production is different. It’s catchy and easy to nod your head to. I’m diggin it like a muhfuckin shovel. The 3rd track entitled “Rude” is probably my favorite. It’s an audio autobiography of Raze. His unapologetic way of telling people to either accept his brutal honesty of STFU is infectious. He’s also not afraid to talk about sex. He’s man enough to tell women straight out that there are no holes barred when it comes to him. Track 8? Hilarious!!!!! It’s basically his take on Milwaukee and how every night there’s a Ladies Night SOMEwhere. (It’s true.) Track 15…c’mon. Ya’ll KNOW how I feel about J Dilla. He did the beat justice. I ain’t even mad. Normally I would talk shit about somebody ridin on Jay Dee’s shit.

Someone asked me recently if I was serious when I said I was diggin Raze’s mixtape. I can’t believe they’d actually say that. Hell yeah I like it. Shit, I love it. He’s honest. I can’t dislike that. His flow may not be what we’re used to hearing but it sounds very genuine. He speaks to the mic…he doesn’t spit on it.

I can’t help but respect that. Go download that shit bitch.

Just Listen. ~Soul


~ by Darling Niki on February 18, 2009.

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