Milwaukee Hip-Hop: Part Five


WHO THE FUCK IS MELISSA CZARNIK? I had no idea until she added me as a friend on Facebook. Her profile pic was interesting so I clicked on it and found out that -drum roll- she’s a rapper!!!! ??? WTF!? She recently released her very first album, Strawberry Cadillac. I don’t know her as a person as I do many people I write about. I have never met her, never spoken to her, and I JUST found out wtf she looked like. From her appearance, she looks like your very,very average white girl from the ‘burbs. She sounds like a “normal” and very average Midwestern dweller. But when you hear her music…..holy cowtails Batman!

I am floored. That’s not a normal occurence for me. The beats are heavy on the jazz/funk/soul tip but they hold some very modern 808’s. The live band definitely doesn’t hurt!!! Her lyrics are poetic and very storyteller-ish. She talks about sex, pain, love, growing up. She even talks a little bit about her mother (not negatively by the way). Listening to her music, I almost felt like I was in a cafe listening to spoken word while sippin a latte. Her sound is organic and sincere.

I hope whole-heartedly that her life as an emcee is long and prosperous. Buy here CD here. And contact her here.

Melissa Czarnik is hip hop ya’ll.

Just Listen. ~ Soul


~ by Darling Niki on February 19, 2009.

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