Milwaukee Hip-Hop : Part Six


It’s 2009 and celebrities, politicians, and regular joes like you and me are becoming more and more concerned with the environment. I recently heard an exclusive track from 1/3 of KHB that made me feel like such a loser. DNA personally sent me a copy of B.I.G. (Born In Gluttony). I’ve been listening to it for about a week now and trying to think of something to write. I. AM. WASTEFUL. This song made me feel like a low-class citizen.

DNA got real heartfelt on this track ya’ll. He discussed how damn near eveything we do these days is done in excess. So I broke down my own life. When I go to the grocery store I only need a quart of milk but I buy a whole gallon and waste more than half of it. When I go to the gas station for a slushie (oh how I love slushies!) I get the biggest one I can find and only drink half of it. Okay I’m going to stop there because I’m stating to feel bad again.

He talks about how we all do it “BIG”. We’re so concerned with “doin it big” and our obsession with size. The biggest buildings, the biggest desks, the biggest jets, the biggest SUV, the biggest rims, the biggest sums of money. He even goes hard on the gubment ya’ll. What happened to the days of pure necessity?

My favorite line of the whole track: “Big tits, big dicks/All big, big, big/And we live in big cribs cuz we’re just big kids”

It reminds me of the Murs track “And This Is For…”. In it he says “I don’t care about ya rims/kids ride big wheels/That’s until they learn balance and it’s obvious you haven’t.” TRUE STORY. This song makes me feel even more conscious of how much we waste and our blatant disregard for our money, our Earth and our self-consciousness.

KHB is a force to be reckoned with. I honestly feel that they have a sense of what people want to hear. They aren’t for everybody though. If you wanna talk about hustlin, hoes, rims and clothes they probably aren’t for you (unless you like to get made fun of). But if you’re like me and you enjoy intellectual stimulation, clever lyrics gifted nicely over a sick beat and playful yet intelligent lyrics that give you something to think about besides your audition tape for Making The Band 5 then KHB is all for you!

Just Listen. ~Soul


~ by Darling Niki on March 9, 2009.

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