THE D.M.V: Who’s Next?


What uuuuuuup? What’s happeninnnn? Lol. What’s good people? I’m not in the best mood today as I received some extremely disturbing news this morning upon waking up but I’ll be alright. Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve graced you bastards with my words.

So there’s this buzz surrounding Wale from the DC area and that’s all to the G-O-O-D. But I wanna holla at y’all about somebody else from the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA area). He goes by K-Beta from Inner Loop Records. He’s got a new mixtape out – “89 to 09” and you can check out the promo here. Feel free to purchase his album “Nigger” from here!

Lol aight that’s enough pluggin for one paragraph. K-Beta is CRACK. His shit had me hooked instantly. I think my favorite track is Dismember (that beat is SICK!!). His flow is hot, the beats are slick and he reminds me of a mixture between Beanie Sigel and NaS. Yeah I said it. NaS. He’s very honest but he has a sharp tongue that cuts right through you. He made the songs cry like a thug. I really dig’em y’all.

Buy his album, hit him up on MySpace and support this man y’all. He’s got a true sense of what hip-hop needs.

Just Listen – Soul


~ by Darling Niki on July 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “THE D.M.V: Who’s Next?”

  1. Thanks for the love! Stay tuned to for the latest and greatest from K-BETA and Inner Loop Records.

  2. Guess I better buy a CD & take a listen!xoMommaMO

  3. […] July 1st, 2009 I revealed K-Beta to you. His mixtape 89 to 09 had me rockin for months. Well, my DMV MC is back with “Inglorious Beta”. I’ve only been listening to it for 2 hours straight but I’m impressed (as usual). […]

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