Milwaukee Hip Hop: Flowers Grow In The Cold


I’m extra pumped right y’all.  A few weeks ago (yeah I’m late, I’ve been busy as fuck.) I attended The DumbOut at the Highbury Pub. There were several performers but one that peaked my interest in general. Frankie Flowers approached me awhile back when he came back to Milwaukee due to an Earthquake damaging his apratment building in Cali. He was respectful, at ease and calm. He wasn’t all pumped up like “Aye yo ma! Listen to my shit!!!”. I dug his vibe right away and that doesn’t happen often.

Basically, Frankie was forced to move BACK to the Mil after an Earthquake in Cali. He came here. He’s grinding HARD. And he’s doing very well.


Purchase his album here. Find him on Facebook at ‘Frankie Flowers’.

Just Listen.


~ by Darling Niki on August 27, 2009.

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