I just need to get a few things off my chest. First of all…everyone’s seen the BET Cipher video featuring Joe Budden and other unmentionables. He basically punches Tila Tequila in the face by saying “Leave you wit deep regrets like Tila Tequilas neck”…the Joe/Tila “beef” was born. Joe created an interesting trending topic on Twitter….#tilasbox. You’ve gotta admit the shit is funny. Then Joe’s “friend” Somaya Reece chimed in. She even wrote a song about her called “Tramp”.

Ever since then Tila’s been on a rampage. She’s taken to her website and Twitter to try and embarrass herself as much as humanly possible. She got drunk, high and naked on ustream and acted a complete ass. (At one moment she bent over and made her tampon string FULLY visible. Yuck.) And just the other day she wrote the longest blog ever about Rihanna and how she supposedly has herpes and gave it to Chris Brown. And that this was the reason for the famous beat-down.

Well here’s my take. Tila is the type of person that is SO insecure and emotionally unstable that she does outlandish shit just to get “positive” attention. But what she fails to understand is that the people cheering her on are just looking for entertainment. She’s doing JUST that. So it’s not really positive attention. She’s making a mockery of herself. And she purposely releases racy photos and videos of herself so that no one else can do it before she does. That way..when there’s negative feedback she can say “Well I release it myself so…there!”

WOMP. Bitch try again.

The things people do for a little attention.

Just Listen.


~ by Darling Niki on December 7, 2009.

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