Cleaning out the Q&A box…


I encourage people to leave me comments, ask questions,etc. However,I suck at getting back to them. Sooo I’ve gone through every single email I’ve gotten to answer them. Note: If you asked me a question or left a comment and you don’t see it here it was either inappropriate or I overlooked it. If it was the latter,just let me know and I’ll double check. Thanks

You’re a female and I’m not sexist or anything but what makes you think you know anything about music? You don’t even do music.

Ha. Honestly, my opinion doesn’t mean a damn thing. I listen to music more then I watch television. I’ve been a fan of music for over 25 years. I don’t just hear the music,I listen to it. I REALLY listen to it. I listen to every instrument, every melody, every beat, every lyric. I listen to almost every genre, even opera. Everyone has an opinion on something, I have one on music. Don’t like it? Don’t read my blog. Easy solution homeskillet. And wtf is “doing music”?

Can you address the rumors about you and Joe Budden please?

There’s nothing to address.

What’s your Twitter? Do you talk about music there too? I talk about everything. Music, movies, sex, relationships, random ramblings….

Top five rappers?

Ghostface,Joe Budden,Notorious B.I.G,Raekwon,Nas

Are you a lesbian or a dream come true?

I’ve no idea wtf that means lol but I’m not a lesbian.

Can you tell us a little bit about you as a person? Likes/dislikes…favs,etc?

This is not Myspace lol but uh…I love movies and cheesy reality tv shows,I love to cook,I hate salt,Cheerios are the best thing since sliced bread,I treat my younger siblings like their my children.

What’s your favorite non hip-hop song?

I have quite a few. I think Top 3 would be Prince – Adore,Nina Simone – Summertime,Eric Clapton – Layla.

If you could chose one rapper to stop rapping immediately who would it be?

Gucci Mane

Worst rapper in Milwaukee?

I think he moved but…Jaye Cane.

How do you feel about the Chris and Rhianna thing?

There’s three sides to every story. his, hers and the truth. They’re both leaving shit out.

If you had anything to say to aspiring rappers,what would you say?

If you want to be a rapper you have to accept criticism. People are cruel and they’re going to say whatever is on their mind. With everyone blogging and downloading shit as soon as it comes out the backlash will be much more harsh. Don’t assume that everyone REALLY likes your music just because they support you. If they’re someone you know, please believe they’re gonna support you STRICTLY off the strength of that. If you think your shit is the hottest out there, then heighten your standards. When someone tells you that you need work,they’re being honest. Respect that because for every 1 person that says you suck 2 people will lie and say you’re hot. It’s hard for me to tell someone they’re not that good so value that I’m even telling you.Lying is easy.

What’s most important in a song to you?

I’m assuming you mean in terms of lyrics,beat,etc….I think each element of a song is important,like the foundation of a bridge.But if each element isn’t used correctly it’ll ruin the song for me.Content is most important to me.I don’t wanna listen to someone blah blah blahing about rims and hos.

And that’s it. If you have a question or comment feel free to send it to

Just Listen.


~ by Darling Niki on March 11, 2010.

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